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Wednesday 6th December, 2017

at Limetree Avenue with Carol Singing

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Saturday 9th December, 2017

@ 7.30pm

in St. Catherine's Parish Church

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December 2017

There was once a farmer who did not believe the Christmas Story. He thought the idea that God would become a man was absurd nonsense. His wife however was a Christian. The farmer gave her a hard time, he mocked her faith. “It’s all nonsense, why would God lower himself to become a human like us. It is such a stupid story”

One snowy Christmas Day, his wife went to church while the farmer stayed at home. After she had left, the weather deteriorated into a blinding snowstorm. Then he heard a loud thump against the window, then another and another.

He rushed outside to see what was happening. There in the field was a flock of geese! They had been migrating but had become stranded on his farm, unable to fly or even see their way.

The farmer desperately wanted to help and knew he had an empty barn that would give them shelter, keep them safe, and actually keep them alive in the cold. He opened the barn door, and stood back hoping they would make their way in. But they didn’t realise it would be shelter for them. So he tried to shoo the geese in but they ran in all directions. Perplexed and stressed he got some bread and made a trail to the door of the barn, but still they didn’t catch on. Nothing he could do would get them to the warmth and shelter of the barn.

He knew they could die, and feeling totally frustrated and broken hearted, he shouted “Why don’t they follow me? Can’t they see this is the only place where they can survive this storm?” He thought  for a moment and suddenly realised they would never follow a human, he thought to himself, “if only I could become one of them I could save them.” If he was a goose they could follow him, he could lead them to safety and save them from death.

At that precise moment he suddenly realised what he said. The words reverberated in his head “if only I could be one of them I could save them” At that precise moment he understood God’s heart for the world, he understood God’s desire to stop the world dying and getting lost, God’s heart to bring them to safety and bring them home.

God entered our world, God became one of us, God was born man, to show us how to find our way home. To enable us to know Emmanuel – God with us.

May the joy and peace of the good news of Christmas reverberate in your life and those you love today and always.


Rev. John McClure.