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  •   Alpha Course starts:         Sunday 5th February in     St. Jude's Hall @               7.30pm

  Help the church if you are a tax payer.  Please fill in a Gift Aid Form.  Ask your Treasurer for more details. 

Welcome Team

Would you like to join the 

Welcome Team? 


If so, please speak to Billy or Valerie . 

MKG News

Nominators in Action:  Please continue to pray for our Nominators as they start their quest in January for a new Rector.  They have a daunting task ahead in finding a new Rector. They have a daunting task ahead in finding a person who can reach out to the diversity of parishioners that make up our three parishes.

2017 is likely to be a year of change for many of us.  It may be financially, emotionally or spiritually but remember, "the most effective way to cope with change is to help create it".  But remember also as Christians we are especially blessed by having the power of the Holy Spirit working within us.

Your contributions explained
Free Will Offering:
1. Purpose - FWO are the main source of income for the Church.  Contributions are used to meet all the expenses of running the Church, other than property - related expenditure.
2. Examples of these expenses are the salaries of the Minister and support staff.  
Envelopes - weekly envelopes can be obtained on request via Ellen McKelvey (St. Jude's) and John McCord (Killead/Gartree).
3. Frequency - envelopes are pre-printed for each Sunday throughout the calendar year.
4. Please note: to be a full member of the Church with voting rights you must contribute to the church.

Building Account
Purpose - monies received via building account is used to finance the maintenance of any improvements to Church property.  This currently consists of a new roof for the church (Killead) and fixing walls of the church (St. Jude's)