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October 2017

How the seasons change, as I am writing this, things appear to move on fast each month, preparation for Harvest Services are well under way for all three of MKG churches. We have overcome the challenges of change as the work and repairs continue with the buildings at Killead and Muckamore.

The Harvest supper on 29th September at St Jude’s will have hopefully been enjoyed by all who came along and I hope that we had some fun spending time with each other, building friendships.

Please support each other and if possible take, time to attend our harvest services which are taking place at:-

Gartree Sunday 8th October at 3-00pm

And Killead Sunday 15thOctober at 11-30am

NOTE; As this is a joint service with Killead, there will not be a service at St Jude’s at 11-45am on October 15th.

Hopefully now most of our farmers have managed to overcome the weather, wet fields and not as much sunshine as we all would have wished, to gather the last of the harvest. All being well late silage and barley cut and safely stored away now.

Just this week Greenmount, was busy preparing to collect the potato harvest with all manner of big machinery in the yard by the church, an amazing sight to my grandson who was fascinated by the tractors.

We don’t really think about how thankful we should be for all that we can obtain for our daily living– it’s just so easy to obtain all you want in our vast supermarkets and not really think about the work behind our food and necessities.

The hands that serve and work hard to ensure that all is in order to ensure that livestock can be fed over the winter – that toil to provide fodder for the animals, which then provide for us.

Time spent planning and organising to ensure that things run smoothly, a lot of this work is often done in the background often by people who just like to quietly serve and support each purpose and event.

Matthew 20: V 28

Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.

Rev. John McClure.