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Welcome Team? 


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Dear Friends,

How quickly the seasons change in our lives!  I believe I have one of the most peaceful, restful and colourful views from any rectory study, and it seems like only yesterday when that great big tree, (I don't know its make or model) had no leaves and now it has, as does the hedge and all the greenery!  But the seasons I am talking about are the seasons in our lives, when the sudden death of a loved one, or illness strikes us and moves us from one season to another, without permission!  Therefore, what do we do?  I believe you have 2 responses. One is to hit our Default button and revert to old secret, potentially deadly behaviours in order to ease the pain. or, we turn to Christ who is the same yesterday, today and forever.  He is the Rock, on which we build our lives, so that no matter what storm comes, invited, welcome or not, we will not move because of Jesus.  What a great promise that is, and can i give you both an invitation and a challenge.  Invitation first.  Jesus Christ stands at the door of your heart knocking and waiting for you to invite Him in and be saved, now and forever.  That's the Invitation! and when you consider what we are really like and how we have treated Him, that is some Invitation!  Second Challenge! Are you up to living for Christ in this world and taking on the challenge of living life as a proper Christian, not playing at religion, or doing church, or whatever you might like to call it.  Please, begin a new season with Jesus, and I would love someone to lift the phone and say "William, I am ready for the Challenge this Summer".



The Rhino

Lots of people both visitors and those who are new always ask what is the meaning of the rhino? It carries two meanings for us here in MKG.

First a rhino weighs roughly two ton, can run up to 30mph but it can only see up to 30 feet in front of it. Therefore, it is basically unstoppable when running towards anything.  The Bible tells us that the Kingdom of God is unstoppable: Jesus said in Matthew 16:18 that the gates of hell cannot overcome the church and the advance of the Kingdom of God.

Secondly, I use the illustration that in many ways, we are rhinos.  We come crashing into the Kingdom of God, with all the baggage of living life without Jesus, and just as it takes a long time for the rhino to slow down and turn around, often it takes us a long time to relearn what it means to follow Jesus and go against the crowd and the prevailing culture.

So that is why we use the illustration of the rhino, and why we use the phrase ‘crashing forward’.