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Mens Ministry

One of the top priorities of MKG, indeed, if not thee top priority of MKG is outreach and fellowship among men. Jesus was the greatest leader the world has ever seen, or will see, and he was a leader of men. He led by example, and spent time mentoring and teaching his disciples.

 The bible talks about the need for men to spend time together. “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” Women can relate to one another face to face, and talk for hours just over coffee, but men relate to one another side by side, doing something from sport to exercise to practical tasks, and as they DO these things friendships develop and conversations take place.

 Therefore, in MKG, we are attempting to bring men together on different levels. First through regular monthly, bi-monthly events from sports evening with pool, wii etc to nights out eating, karting and a wide variety of men’s activities. Coupled with that we hope to have a variety of groups called Boot Camps were men in smaller groups, on different levels can perhaps explore what Christianity is all about.

 It is our desire that the church becomes just as valuable to men’s social lives that it becomes a vital part of their weekly programme, were they can engage their whole being, body, mind and soul. Why not come along to the various events that will be running and I do hope these will indeed sharpen all of us.


Flute Band Church

Hi everyone. Over the last 18 months or so, a group of men from the local area and who know me and my background in flute bands etc, decided to meet for what we now call FBC: Flute Band Church. What is that I hear you say? Well, we meet roughly once a month, play a few tunes, reminiss a bit about days back in the bands etc, and from time to time we have played some hymns and modern church songs in church. And we all really enjoy the craic. We decided that we really could do better with the numbers who attend, and recently, the guys who attend regularly, asked me to do a talk and have a debate around the subject of ‘World Religions?’ So we had a night were we looked at what does it really mean to be called a Protestant, and everyone who attended really enjoyed it and learned so much.

 So much so that when we met in October to decide on what we wanted to do and should do in the future, it was Alvin Pierce who said, “William, do that talk gain”. So on Thursday 12th April in Ballycraigy School, we are hosting a night for everyone locally, and particularly guys and girls from the local band scene to come along and have a good nights craic and maybe start a good debate around this subject.  It’s not a lecture, but a chance for people who may not be connected to any church to have some contact locally in such a way that they are comfortable with.

 I also think the subject material is very relevant because, as you will have read in this edition, a survey carried out by MPDA, Muckamore Parish Development Association, found that these estates were 93% Protestants but less than 10% practiced their faith in local churches. Therefore, was it that causes this disinterest, and what does it really mean to be a Protestant. What is our identity and the heritage for which we exist. Why not come along on this night to find out?

Hope to see you there;

For more details contact myself on 07850156942